Governance Platform

Restoring Confidence…Neighborhood by Neighborhood 

We can develop long-term, sustainable solutions to our community’s concerns regarding criminal justice reforms and community policing; by working in partnership with Council representatives, the administration, law enforcement and other key stakeholders, we can address and rectify significant needs in the areas of safety and violence. Holding everyone accountable will help transform our neighborhoods.

We can support existing committees with a proven track record of results, and we can work with advocacy organizations and government leaders to identify sustainable solutions.  Let’s approach old problems with new and innovative ideas.

Together, we can create new pathways for our families and children.

Restoring Hope for the Future…Education & Youth

The education of our children must be a collective priority. Through collaborative efforts between business leaders and members of City Council, we can develop solutions for youth programs and development designed to specifically and directly address the needs of youth in each district. Creating safe places for our children to play and learn is a shared responsibility, and we will do this in partnership with local (community?) leadership and key stakeholders.

Restoring Economic Growth & Progress…Business & Industry

Let’s strengthen our economy by building our workforce!
We must engage and connect with business leaders to gain a clear understanding of the economic outlook. The business arena is in the unique position to shape the economically competitive city of Wilmington; preparing a workforce to meet industry needs is essential. It is imperative that businesses help to structure and support sustainable, inclusive public/private partnerships and opportunities. Our communities directly contribute to the success of local businesses, and everyone thrives in a vital economy.

Restoring Wellness…Health

We must bring the collective health and wellness of our community into focus. Demonstrating exceptional leadership now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the future is a top priority. The physical and mental healthcare needs of city residents and city employees are of the utmost importance and must be immediately addressed. We will work closely with public health officials, community and business leaders, and non-profit organizations to support and design initiatives that address health disparities and wellness of the entire community, particularly our most vulnerable members: seniors, children, the disabled, veterans and those who have been incarcerated.